3 Ways COVID-19 Has Helped My Marriage

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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

For the past six months, my wife and I have been staying close to home. We venture out to the grocery store, Petco, and a monthly meal out.

We spend each day during the week working at home in rooms right next to each other, seeing each other 4–5 times during the day as one or the other heads to the bathroom or goes into the kitchen for something to eat. We eat dinner together every night and consume media together. We’re always in close proximity to each other in our 1,700 square foot home.

On the weekends we spend even more time together. Lots of time spent on our patio reading, having a cocktail, smoking a cigar together, grilling…we’re pretty much inseparable. We both enjoy it, but it does have its moments. There is occasional tension and snapping at each other, but that’s pretty rare. I’d say we’ve grown closer emotionally and romantically because of confinement due to the coronavirus.

How We’ve Grown Closer

1.) We Consistently Have Deeper Conversations.

Like any couple that’s been together for years, conversation tends to gravitate towards discussions about events and people. But, during COVID, we’ve spent more time talking about ideas. Religion, philosophy, political stances, and relationships are just a few of the topics we talk about frequently.

“Our most meaningful conversations have been about ideas, not so much about people and events.”

We do have fun reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. Favorite moments on Facebook have led us down nostalgic paths that we’ve enjoyed traveling down together. This has lent some levity to our talks and brought about some smiles.

2.) Romance Has Been Re-Kindled

I’m not going to kiss-and-tell here, but let’s just say that we’re having more “romantic time” together. I think that’s a natural by-product of drawing closer together through more time together, getting to know more about each other, and sharing meaningful conversations.

Sitting together and being more open and transparent can’t help but bring a couple closer emotionally and physically. Talking late into the night and then heading to bed together can be just the spark to light up some “together-time.”

3.) We Enjoy Our Home Together More Than Before COVID

Last fall, we had extensive landscaping done in our backyard. We also had our back patio extended. Pretty soon after having this done, winter came to Texas, and we spent most of our time indoors.

Spring and the coronavirus hit here at just about the same time. We began spending extended periods together on the back patio, enjoying the landscaping and yard as we would never have if we hadn’t been home as much as we have. I can say that with confidence because of the amount of time we used to spend away from the house, particularly dining out.

These may seem like three pretty small gains in our relationship, but little things make a difference when it comes to marriage. Learning to listen to a spouse better, being more tolerant of differences, being closer physically, being comfortable during periods of silence together are all ways to measure growth in a relationship.

I hope that you’ve grown closer to the most significant other in your life. If you have, congratulations. If you haven’t, don’t dismay. We’re going to be “stuck together” for at least a few more months. It’s not too late to begin talking more and enjoying life with them. Life really is better together.



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